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    PrismAura LED ProLume

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    Presenting the "PrismAura LED ProLume" — a fusion of modern aesthetics and vivid illumination:

    🌈 Mesmerizing Illumination: Crafted with metal lamp holder material, the ChromaGlow mesmerizes with its radiant RGB soft stick, offering a spectrum of 16 vivid colors to elevate any ambiance.

    🌟 Vibrant Light Display: Experience the brilliance of LED light technology, projecting captivating RGB hues that transform any space into a vivid canvas of color.

    🔮 Immersive Control: Seamlessly navigate through the array of colors and lighting effects with the included remote control, providing effortless customization and ambiance adjustment.

    🔌 Versatile Voltage Compatibility: Operates effortlessly within a safe voltage range of ≤36V, ensuring a secure and reliable lighting experience. Plus, enjoy convenience with a low-voltage requirement of 5V.

    📦 Package Contents: Your ChromaGlow experience includes:

    • 1 ChromaGlow LED Projection Lamp
    • 1 Remote Control for effortless customization

    Elevate your ambiance, create stunning visual displays, and immerse yourself in a world of vibrant colors with the ChromaGlow LED Projection Lamp—an exceptional blend of innovation and illumination.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    Gloria Price

    I love it, it has a lot of power, it raised my expectations.

    Duncan Balistreri

    Not too smooth and not bright. Be ready.

    Melisa Moore

    Works great, it is better to overpay and take the one with the application, you will not regret it)

    Rhiannon Macejkovic

    Lamp is very good, recomended. Will buy another one with diffrent filters

    Estel Batz

    The box arrived somewhat battered but its content arrived in perfect condition, the light is very beautiful, the support at first feels as if it were very fragile when folded but then it fits very easily.