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    Magcubic Freestyle Projector

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    Introducing the Magcubic Freestyle Projector - your gateway to an immersive visual odyssey:

    🌟 Distinctive Design, Unmatched Performance: The HY300 projector stands out with its captivating design and houses the potent Hi-chip A3100. Seamlessly stream movies, shows, sports, and music from your phone or laptop with its 1GB+8GB ROM storage. Elevate your audio experience with the embedded 3W*1 HiFi speakers.

    📡 Cutting-Edge Connectivity: Immerse yourself in rapid wireless synchronization via the latest 5G dual-band WiFi. Pair with the BT 5.0 for connecting Bluetooth speakers/headphones, crafting unique soundscapes. (Note: Does not support smartphone or laptop Bluetooth connections)

    🛠️ Effortless Projection Setup: Harnessing auto keystone correction and manual focus, the HY300 adapts instantly. It auto-corrects vertical image distortion while the 180-degree rotating stand offers versatile positioning.

    🎭 Versatility Meets Brilliance: Unleash a portable theater experience! The 180-degree rotating stand allows for floor-to-ceiling projection, delivering a generous 130-inch screen for your visual delight.

    🎥 Immersive Visuals & Sound: Delve into the vivid world of 1280*720 native resolution visuals, a dynamic 10000:1 contrast ratio, and 4K video support for an unparalleled cinematic treat. Embrace the 50% zoom function and reduced noise to 25 dB, creating an ambient audio-visual paradise.

    📊 Product Specifics:

    • Resolution: XGA (1024x768)
    • Power: 48W
    • Color Variants: HY300
    • Energy Efficiency: Not specified
    • Specifications: Available in different regulations for overseas and domestic editions
    • Brightness: 120 lumens

    📦 Package Contents:

    • Projector * 1
    • Manual * 1
    • Remote Control * 1
    • Charger * 1

    Dive into a world of endless entertainment possibilities with the Magcubic Freestyle Projector—where innovation and entertainment converge seamlessly.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 45 reviews
    Margaret Bradtke

    it's giving me around 120" on my wall and I love it! it is not the best resolution, as most projectors in comparison with tvs but this thing is huge. you can watch movies and watch youtube with a great pic quality nonetheless. image is pretty good in total darkness, very easy to install and use and if you want you can transport it around for a outdoor party for instance. Highly recommend both product and seller.

    Pearl Luettgen

    A really great product. The image quality is excellent.

    Gordon Emard

    Better than I expected, iPhone work great system is a little slow but for the price it definitely better than I though I really recommend it I’m happy with it

    Misael Nienow

    its not the best build quality nor the best projector quality nor the best user experience, but its good enough for the price and it has a built in speaker which is so weak, and its been only two days of use and it is lagging sometimes when setting up the sizing of projection. buy it if you never used a projector just to see if you like the idea of projectors then when you are ready you can buy a nicer setup...

    Jordon Kirlin

    The product is very good, installation, update is fast, the performance is good to not be a TV, I think the picture is very good and very clear. Also the seller has been very attentive.