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    HeatWave Harmony

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    Introducing HeatWave Harmony: A Symphony of Style and Comfort! 

    ✨ Radiant Warmth: Immerse yourself in a cocoon of warmth with HeatWave Harmony, where powerful heating meets effortless elegance.

    ️ Air Artistry: Experience a dance of comfort with the Shaking Head feature, ensuring the perfect distribution of warmth throughout your space.

    Chic Design Palette: Select your aesthetic with our timeless black finish, blending seamlessly into your decor for a touch of sophistication.

    ⚡ Power Precision: Engineered with a 2000W PTC heater, HeatWave Harmony delivers a surge of heat that's both potent and precise.

    ️ Timing Elegance: Set the mood with our 8-hour timer, allowing you to customize your comfort experience according to your schedule.

    Whispered Warmth: Operates below 36dB, providing a serene ambiance as you bask in the stylish embrace of HeatWave Harmony.

    ️ 3-Speed Symphony: Choose from 3 gears to orchestrate the perfect temperature, adapting to your unique warmth preferences.

    Compact Glamour: Sized at 24x13x13cm, HeatWave Harmony is your portable companion, bringing style wherever you go.

    Effortless Controls: The front-facing buttons make adjusting settings a breeze, adding a touch of sophistication to your heating experience.


    Transform your space with HeatWave Harmony—where style meets warmth in a symphony of comfort!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Brisa Moore

    Good interior effect

    Marcella Powlowski

    Exactly as pictured and great price

    Arielle Nienow

    Very good product

    Rick Armstrong

    Fabulously awesome!!!

    Leonora Koepp

    came with everything, haven't tried it but I'm sure it works, looks just like picture.